VENDING TIMES is a trade magazine founded in 1961 to serve the coin-op industry. It has more than 13,000 subscribers, verified by Business Publications Audit of Circulation. VT was established when a veteran vending operator and trade association executive got together with an innovator in business publishing with extensive experience in consumer packaged goods advertising to launch a monthly newspaper. They saw the need for a publication that would address the whole vending industry: not just the glamorous new full-line segment, nor the strong soft-drink bottling segment, but also the operators of street cigarette, candy and jukebox routes.



VENDING TIMES provides information to operators engaged in supplying refreshment vending and feeding, manual and mobile food and beverage, bulk confection and novelty vending, and amusement and music services to clients on route delivery or onsite bases. These clients include commercial and industrial establishments, colleges and universities, hospitals and other healthcare providers, elementary and secondary schools, and places of public resort, such as airports and other transportation depots, hotels and motels, restaurants and taverns, and family entertainment centers.



VENDING TIMES addresses the business, legal, legislative and regulatory concerns of companies providing industrial, institutional and public vending, refreshment, feeding and recreational services. These companies include operators of food, beverage and other merchandise vending equipment as well as manual foodservice, micromarkets, office beverage and snack delivery systems; and music and amusement equipment and services. There are 12 issues a year plus one supplement. These include 11 monthly editions, one annual Buyers Guide (which mails in July), and the VT Census of the Industry supplement. Each monthly issue includes news, interviews and coverage of industry events in the Vending, Coffee Service, Micromarkets, Music & Games and Bulk Vending sectors; financial news; and a Calendar of trade events. We maintain a user-friendly website at, a monthly digital edition, Ahead of the Times weekly email newsletters and the Saturday Week In Review, along with a monthly electronic product showcase. All offer timely content which complement the print magazine.



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