Splendid Moments! Connected with the World-class Event, Easy-touch's Vending Machines Were Brilliantly Unveiled at Beijing International Food Vending Expo!

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On November 21, the China International Vending Showcase (Beijing) alongside with the ANUFOOD China 2018 was officially opened at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) in Beijing. Besides, the 3rd Worldwide Vending Industry (Beijing) Forum 2018 was also held concurrently.

This is a worldwide industry event, with attendees coming from 40+ countries and regions around the world, where 700+ specialized food and vending exhibitors gathered under one roof.

(Source: AUNFOOD China)

As one of the leading vending machine manufacturers in China, how could Easy-touch be absent from this show? Besides, Ms. Cici Chi, Vice General Manager of Qingdao Easy-touch Digital Technology Co., Ltd., was also invited to deliver a keynote speech at the Worldwide Vending Industry Forum.
(Ms. Cici Chi, Vice General Manager of Easy-touch was delivering her keynote address at the Worldwide Vending Industry Forum.)

 - Splendid Hits at Top-level Event - 
Vending Showcase at ANUFOOD China 2018
For this show, Easy-touch launched all its family members of vending machines, including the multimedia beverage vending machines, lucky box vending machines, and facial recognition vending machines which are the hottest on the market! Especially, the facial recognition vending machines, equipped with the convenient facial recognition payment system owing to Easy-touch’s collaboration with Alipay, drew strong traffic into its booth!

Easy-touch’s beverage vending machines adopt the snake-shaped goods delivery tunnels developed by Easy-touch on its own. This unique craftsmanship has improved greatly the efficiency and stability of goods delivery of beverage vending machines to decrease failure rate. That’s also one of principal reasons why Easy-touch’s vending machines have gained high popularity in China!

A lot of international friends came to experience the vending machines personally, especially those exhibitors coming in groups from other food pavilions, discussing on the technological innovations of vending machines and giving high recognition to the backend intelligent systems developed independently by Easy-touch, stable goods delivery structure, and highly efficient and convenient management concept.

On November 21, just on the opening day of the show,
whilst the exhibition was in full swing, the Worldwide Vending Industry Forum was also officially held at 1:30 pm.

(Source: WeShow Events)
 - Summit Forum Focusing on Industry's Hotspots - 
Gathering industry’s celebrities, this is indeed a top-level exchange conference for the vending industry
To let people have a comprehensive understanding of the status quo and development trends of the vending industry at home and abroad!

Under the current background of new retail development, Ms. Cici Chi, Vice General Manager of Easy-touch, accurately analyzed the future development trends and challenges of intelligent vending machines, receiving warm applause and high recognition by the audience on the site.

The growth potential of vending machines is huge. Just for this reason, the challenges we are faced with are also big as well! As Vice General Manager Chi said in her speech, “Technology is No.1 productive force. I hope we can go ahead hand in hand to create technologies, to produce cutting-edge products that adapt to the development of the times, to satisfy users with convenient and novel shopping experience, and to realize the maximum operating benefits of intelligent vending machines.”

As one of the leading Chinese vending machine manufacturers, by adapting to the Internet development trend, based on intelligent backend cloud management and intelligent payment systems, Easy-touch can provide you with custom-made products at reasonable prices to meet your price-performance ratio.

Easy-touch is looking forward to working with you
to jointly develop a bright future for the Chinese vending market!

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