Welcome Letter from Mr. Raúl Rubio, President of Spanish Vending Association (ANEDA)



Dear Members and Guests of the China International Vending & OCS Showcase 2016:


Aneda, as Spanish National Vending Association, would like to give its warmest greetings to the organizers and visitors of the International Fair of Vending & OCS Bejing (China)


One of our goals is to promote and professionalize the vending sector at a national level, always supporting and working very closely with our international partners, a way to share experiences and sectorial projects.


At past events, representatives of Aneda already have had the get to know opportunity to participate in this international event and a different market.

We are delighted to support this China International Vending & OCS Showcase (Beijing) it will undoubtedly be a great opportunity to have a better relationship with a market that is advancing strongly in this asian country. In this way we can exchange experiences about this market and create better business opportunities.


As a Vending Association, we will continue informing and promoting these international fairs always open to share synergies with the organizers and participants.


Aneda will provide all the support, information and advice to all those who are interested in participating in this productive experience. Sectorial events are of great importance for further progress in our business and only in this way we will learn and develop professionally this area.


Happy to see you there.


We wish you a very productive show!



Raúl Rubio



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