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About CoffeeMall

CoffeeMall is an IOT+ coffee service company, which founded by Ming's Food Group Holdings. CoffeeMall is the leader and pathfinder in the coffee industry. Depending on sustained innovative concept, professional team, excellent products and perfect service system, we provide raw material importing, roast, coffee machine, maintenance, production, quality control etc... All for created the high-quality coffee consumption platform for customer satisfaction.

CoffeeMall IOT (Internet of Things) + Coffee Solution

CoffeeMall Barista Master 1.0 intelligent experience machine is the first full automatic coffee machine in China in combination of IoT (Internet of things) technology. Only by downloading APP, users can enjoy a full range of coffee services.  
CoffeeMall Quality Coffee Beans and Ingredients
-VOVA Coffee Beans-
Italian specially selected coffee beans - premium ratio blending
The world's premium selected, 100% Arabica beans directly supplied from place of origin, equipped with fully automatic baking production lines, controlled by high standards of Germany PROBAT system, and obtaining a number of international systematic certifications.
-Whole Milk Powder-

Imported milk sourced from New Zealand, characteristic of concentrated, pure, fragrant and sweet tastes, suitable for making cappuccino and other fancy coffee.
-Chocolate Powder- 

Malaysia imported raw materials, 60% cocoa purity and zero additives. Fragrant taste, rich and new coffee to enjoy.

-White/Red Sugar- 

Made by leading international manufacturing technologies, non-flavor, no addition of preservatives, high purity, dense particles, easy to dissolve.

CoffeeMall Office Coffee Services (OCS) Solutions

To enhance corporate image, enhance corporate culture, pursuit of natural, healthy cultural quality 
To provide employees with benefits, enhance exchange of employees, provide quality coffee services for employees, visitors, and business people
To ease work fatigue, and create a warm, comfortable, casual working environment

CoffeeMall Barista Master 1.0 intelligence experience machine is the best within your reach

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