Hunan Kimma Intelligent Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd (E1C11)

KIMMA, is a high-tech company specializing in development, production and marketing amongstself-service vending & kiosk technical fields, is a national high-tech enterprise, national softwareenterprise, and national import and export enterprise. With strong technical strength and strong manufacturing capacity, KIMMA is undoubtedly one of the best suppliers and an optimum cooperativepartner in the market of self-service equipment. 
KIMMA has its own complete total production line including digital controlled mental board processingline, modernized assembly line, production line for refrigerators, aging room for electronic spare parts,testing chamber for temperature and the checking and testing equipment monitored by computer.nbsp;
Occupying approximately 10,000 square meters in area with every design and production all masteredand controlled by it. Well equipped with advanced devices and installation needed for all levels andevery stop in production process and thus becoming an important base domestically. Providing all typesof products with the widest range for selection within Vending machine industry, our main products are Combo Vending Machines, Medicine Vending machine,Milk Vending machine, Customized Vending machines, Multi-Media Vending Machines, Robotic Vending Machines& Vending Telemetry System... etc.Through continuous innovationand adding new elements, such as info, entertainments, advertisements,into traditional vending machines,it will develop towards the direction of entertainment, information, networking, intelligence and thus increase its popularity. 
Hunan Kimma Intelligent Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd

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