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Established in 1993, Beijing Fulei Industrial & Commercial Company completed its reform on shareholding system in March 2015, and was successfully listed on the Xin san ban (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) in July 2015, with its name officially changed into Beijing Fulei Industrial & Commercial Co., Ltd. Stock Code: 832976. In 2011, after careful analysis of the market of vending machines in Japan, European countries, the United States and China, Fulei determined to enter into the field of vending machines. In 2012, Fulei successfully developed a new type of vending machine with intelligent goods deliverytrays. This technology is in the leading position in the manufacturing of vending machines at home and abroad, leading the domestic vending machines into an era of sales of a full range of products.
In 2016, Fulei launched a new generation of smart vending machines, completely subverting people's perception of vending machine. Without installation of any driving device, the goods delivery trays of Fulei's vending machines are simple in structure and easy to operate. An operator can deal with loading or adding a large number of goods into trays every day as easily as placing items on the table. Additionally, the width and height of goods delivery trays can be adjusted at will, with little limitation to the package specifications of goods. Operators can adjust the structure of goods according to the market demands and sell those items in good sales. We are trying to reduce the costs to the lowest while ensuring the convenience in use. Failure rate is declined due to the reduction of driving devices.
- Referential data of the vending machine is detailed as follows::-
Category of delivery tray: no driving device; can be adjusted at will
Number of delivery trays: 81 (changed according to the specification of goods)
Minimum size of delivery tray: 5cm
Maximum size of delivery tray: 25cm
Maximum capacity: 432 cans (canned beverage)
Showcase type: physical display
Screen size: 13.3 inches (Custom-made according to customer's demand)
External size: (H)2100mm×(W)1388mm(D)1047mm
Net weight: 280kg
Power: 700W in cooling, 500W in heating
Power consumption: approx.1.5Kw.h / day under normal temperature, approx. 6Kw.h / day while cooling or heating
Categories of payment: cash, bank card, WeChat, Alipay, Apple Pay, membership card.

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