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As one of the brands of Mattburg International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Mattburg entered the Chinese market in 2015. In order to follow the "Internet +" trend, Mattburg has begun to adopt O2O. Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, Mattburg has a branch in Shanghai. Its retail products include various hot and cold coffee beverages, espresso, etc. Vending machines for full-automatic freshly brewed coffee that Mattburg has have provided new blood for the coffee maker industry. With the development of high technology, instant coffee has brought a lot of convenience, but now there are still many coffee lovers keen to drink freshly-brewed coffee. In Mattburg, automation of grinding coffee beans has provided great convenience for freshly-brewed coffee lovers. In the cafe, it takes half an hour to produce a cup of high quality coffee through extraction, grinding, brewing and filtration, while it takes only about one minute to finish the above process. 
Mattburg International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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