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1.1 Definition of Standard Booths

Standard booths are divided into two kinds: inline booths and corner booths. Inline booths are generally arranged ina straight line and have neighboring exhibitors on their immediate right and left, leaving only one side exposed to the aisle. Corner booths are located at the end of a series of inline booths with exposure to intersecting aisles on two sides. Standard booths are most commonly 3m wide and 3m deep, i.e. 3m by 3m, totaling an area of 9 sq. m.

1.2 Shell Scheme Specifications

A) Standard Shell Scheme Entitlements
B) Standard booth advanced suit

(a) Raw space means a bare concrete land without any facilities and must be rent starting from a minimum area of 18 sq. m. Exhibitors can construct a specially-decorated booth . on the raw space to create a unique exhibit that reinforces their brand and marketing efforts, and to draw more visitors’ attention and traffic to their booths during the show.


(b) Exhibitors can employ a booth construction contractor appointed by themselves or designated by the Organizer for booth design and construction. The exhibitor is appointed . booth contractors should go through application procedures and pay for relevant booth construction management fees in advance.


(c) In order to save your time and cost for application procedures, exhibitors can also contact the Organizer for the detailed information about the Organizer’s designated booth . constructors. Different booth design and construction programs are available according to each exhibitor’s specific budget.

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