“ Vending Info (VI) ”~The Journal-info of Vending & Self-Service Industry is from Taiwan. The first issue was published on Sept.15th 2014.

VI magazine is the first and only Vending Journal in China. Our team has a long term experience in China Vending market that helps us provide the most valuable information to our customer. VI magazine is a publication issued regularly every two months. That means it will be published in January, March, May, July, September and November each year. It is a media platform to publicize the majority of the industrial companies.

We provide our customers the ‘diversification opportunities’ from the domestic and international vending industry, that are included the research and design of the vending products, distribution, trading channels and the development and management of the vending centers.

VI magazine is APVA’s (CHINA) cooperative media. Combined with the bilateral exchanges with strong global medias from Britain, USA, Japan, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Russia and a number of overseas professional vending industry magazines, as well as with the European Association(EVA), NAMA(USA), RNVA(RUSSIA), NAVSA(FRENCE), JVMA(JAPAN), BDV(GERMANY), CONFIDA(ITALY), so we have the confidence to provide you with the multiple perspectives and international markets pipeline, we are sure to become the indispensable professional book for you to come into the Greater China vending industry.

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