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[August 31, Shanghai] Vending Journal, Japanese vending newspaper reported the China International Vending Showcase (Beijing) 2016 on the July Issue 2016.  

Vending Journal is the only professional vending newspaper in Japan. The newspaper was founded on May 1, 1992 and published on 15th day of every month.

The newspaper features extensive contents, comprehensive information and in-depth coverage, thus having received good recognition in the Japanese vending industry.  The newspaper reports the most updated news, market location and the trends of the clients' needs of the vending-related marketplaces, concerning the manufacturers of vending machines, related equipment and parts and accessories, producers and suppliers of food and drinks, bottlers and packaging suppliers, vending operators, machine repairs and maintenance service providers, convenience stores and supermarkets, as well as the manufacturers of amusement equipment, etc.

The chief editor of the newspaper has paid much attention to the vending market in China, often introduces the market development information to the Japanese vending industry and provides information and consulting services for the Japanese enterprises who is expanding their business into China. 

Main newspaper subscribers are classified as follows:

Operators, bottlers, OCS (office coffee service) providers   24%
Producers of beverages, food, tobacco and other packaged goods   20%
Distributors and agents of vending machines, cigarette machines   4%
Members of Japan Vending Machine Maintenance Association, people from the installation and maintenance industry   8%
Manufacturers of vending machines, related equipment and parts   12%
Cards and card-related equipment manufacturers   4%
Daily necessities' retail stores, tobacco shops, liquor bars, convenience stores, and other retailing shops   7%
Amusement equipment-related manufacturers, operators and other   8%
Other (schools, hospitals and other public facilities)   10%
Foreign companies   3%

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